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Lille - Spontaneous Application (Intern/Full time)

Lille, Hauts-de-France   |   Full Time

It's in English because we need someone with pretty good English and most of our customers speak English anyway. Our team works remotely and our products are in English. So, let's get started ;)

Feedier is a Feedback platform that helps businesses to measure accurately client satisfaction, collect insights and engage in real-time with them. Feedier makes it possible by collecting valuable multi-channel Feedback through gamified Feedback forms powered by incentives that lead to client actions. The data collected is directly accessible through the Feedier Dashboard where it can be analyzed, benchmarked and shared with any teammate. Making present feedback the future innovation leverage and a new way to create loyalty.  

Our mission is to democratize Feedback. Helping organizations to collect valuable day-to-day Feedback and giving clients their time back. We believe that by doing so, businesses can: make better decisions, innovate faster, stand out from competitors and most importantly serve their clients better.

Feedier and the Alkalab team is accelerated in EuraTechnologies, a top technology ecosystem in France. 

Do you have a unique profile? Are you looking for an opportunity? You're at the right spot. Send us a cover letter with the mission you want, why you're the best to do it and your resume. 

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